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What is

From late 2000 to early 2005 it was used solely as a sort of home domain to house the server monitors for my web programming and hosting business.  Now it holds my (hopefully sparse) personal web site as well.

If this looks plain and ugly, and doesn't have much in it, that means I have work to do.  Never trust a web designer/programmer with a gorgeous, up-to-date site.  Whoever built it had unbilled time on their hands.

Oh and by the way, I am using this site to test new programming code, so if you show up and the site just explodes... sorry.  Mad scientist at work.  Some things just have to be done 'live'.

Or at least I was.  Since August of 2006 I have been the managing partner at Leland-West Insurance Brokers, Inc. and its keeping me plenty busy.  Programming is now a hobby and I'm slowly but surely exiting the wholesale/retail software market.

Whats it made of?

You'd think if I was some sort of web genius I'd do my html all by hand?  Well, I do... but at a much deeper level.  This site was built with CMPro, my company's flagship product, which I have developed personally.  Its whats known as a "content management system", meaning I work in a wysiwyg editor just like my clients do.  The result is technically inelegant for the technology purist but fast and easy to use for someone with a real job.

Hey, read this:
This web site is actively used as a software test platform for my ContentMonger Pro content management software.  As such you may see weird things happen as I work, bugfix and experiment.  Hopefully it won't inconvenience you but if it does, sorry about that.  Whatever you see going on is very likely to fix itself shortly as I am aware that traffic on this site is now fairly significant.